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Wilson and Wilson Tax Services, Inc., has provided our business 5+ years of service, as a family business, we dedicate ourselves to great customer service to ensure and enhanced the relationships we build with our customers. We find like-minded businesses and vendors to help keep our business growing. We are delighted with the services that Wilson and Wilson Tax Services, Inc., have provided for us and intend to employ their services as long as our business continues to succeed.

Cuellar Company, LLC

I recommend Wilson & Wilson Tax Services, Inc. for accounting services. have known Mr. Wilson for several years and he is a respectful individual. He is an individual that is professional and is very attentive to detail. He has also provided guidance and financial advice to strive for my company's growth. I am appreciative for all the information that I have received and I highly recommend Wilson & Wilson Tax Services, Inc. for all your company's tax and accounting needs.

Mc Drywall Painting LLC

Wilson & Wilson Tax Services, Inc. are very professional. They have no outrageous fees, and you are always able to speak with someone that can thoroughly explain your account to you. I was in business for over 3 years and did not feel comfortable with my previous tax preparer. Before I met with Melanie and Mr. Wilson, I was nervous about all of my business and tax transactions. Mr. Wilson assured me after they completed my taxes, I would have enough knowledge to complete taxes myself, if I needed. I currently use their monthly accounting services, which provides insight on my business transactions and personal taxes. Its also nice to have the monthly reports. I receive no surprises at the beginning of the year. I now have a peace of mind that things are going correctly as it pertains to the IRS and my financial affairs.

Full of Life learning Center and Childcare, LLC


...a mistake on your tax return can flag you to be audited?

One small mistake on your tax file can end up costing you money. Improperly filing your taxes can trigger an audit and cause you to pay additional taxes, interest, and penalties.

..improper calculations are the most common tax return error?

Entering the wrong number or doing the math incorrectly is easy to do with so many tax forms and the requisite transferring of numbers from one document to another.

...a good financial record-keeper can help you make better decisions by using current, effective, and correct tax strategies?

Those who still do their taxes the “manual” way increase the risk of making an error somewhere on their tax forms and can end up not getting the maximum tax refund that they deserve. Not only could this cause you to overpay on your taxes, it could also result in additional penalties and interest charges.