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Whether you need personal professional financial assistance or for your business, Wilson & Wilson Tax Services, Inc. is at your service!

We listen carefully to each client to determine their individual tax concerns. In addition, we pride ourselves on being up to date on current tax changes.

Let Wilson & Wilson Tax Services, Inc. put you on the road to financial freedom and security!

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Benefits & Features

  • Current & Effective Tax Strategies
  • Strict Confidentiality & Respect of Privacy
  • Preparation of Business & Personal Tax Returns
  • Flexible Hours & by Appointment
  • Rapid Refunds & Electronic
  • Fast & Accurate Services
  • Review of Prior Years Tax Returns
  • Personnel Bilingual in Spanish
  • Over 50 plus years of Cumulative Experience

Complete outsourcing of Financial Recordkeeping Services for Small Business which includes:

  • Payroll & Vendor Check Processing
  • Cash Management
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation
  • Easy-To-Read General & Supporting Subsidiary Ledgers
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Accessible, Courteous, and Professional Personnel
  • Correlation of Financial Recordkeeping with Tax Planning as Well as Financial Planning
  • Emphasis on Full Documentation as Required for Various Audits
  • Electronic Filing of All Business Tax Reports in a Timely Manner

Benefits & Features:

  • Health insurance
  • Fixed Index Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal & Business Budget Preparation
  • Cash Forecast Preparation
  • Assistance in Obtaining Business Funding
  • Correlate Financial Planning with Financial Recordkeeping & Tax Planning


  1. Review your prior years tax returns?
  2. Assist you with tax planning and strategies?
  3. Prepare personal & business tax returns?

If we can help you with any of these things or if you require any other tax services, please call us today at 713-622-9987(WWTS) or click here for our online contact form.


...a mistake on your tax return can flag you to be audited?

One small mistake on your tax file can end up costing you money. Improperly filing your taxes can trigger an audit and cause you to pay additional taxes, interest, and penalties.

..improper calculations are the most common tax return error?

Entering the wrong number or doing the math incorrectly is easy to do with so many tax forms and the requisite transferring of numbers from one document to another.

...a good financial record-keeper can help you make better decisions by using current, effective, and correct tax strategies?

Those who still do their taxes the “manual” way increase the risk of making an error somewhere on their tax forms and can end up not getting the maximum tax refund that they deserve. Not only could this cause you to overpay on your taxes, it could also result in additional penalties and interest charges.