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I have been a client of Wilson & Wilson Tax Services for almost 8 years and they have always treated us with the utmost professionalism and satisfaction that an A+ rated tax firm could offer.I would strongly recommend WWTS for any tax or professional services that you may need.

Tony E. , CEO

Avion Investment Group LLC

I Broderick Patterson, owner of Dimensions EMS Inc would like everyone to know the great services Wilson &Wilson Tax Services have blessed my company with. Billy Wilson and his wonderful staff... Melanie and Yolanda are outstanding. I know them on a first name basis because of their commitment to excellence. Almost 5 years of great service for my business and personal taxes. They have always been there when I needed them and always very professional. I highly recommend Mr. Billy Wilson to all!

Broderick C. Patterson, Owner

Dimensions Ems Inc.

Wilson & Wilson ha sido mi contador 10 anos y estoy muy satisfecho con su servicios. Tambien, cuenta con personal bilingual que contestan mis preguntas en mi idioma. WWTS es una firma en la que puedo confiar para todas las necesidades de mi negocio.

Jose A. Moreno, President

Bazar Gigante, Inc.


...a mistake on your tax return can flag you to be audited?

One small mistake on your tax file can end up costing you money. Improperly filing your taxes can trigger an audit and cause you to pay additional taxes, interest, and penalties.

..improper calculations are the most common tax return error?

Entering the wrong number or doing the math incorrectly is easy to do with so many tax forms and the requisite transferring of numbers from one document to another.

...a good financial record-keeper can help you make better decisions by using current, effective, and correct tax strategies?

Those who still do their taxes the “manual” way increase the risk of making an error somewhere on their tax forms and can end up not getting the maximum tax refund that they deserve. Not only could this cause you to overpay on your taxes, it could also result in additional penalties and interest charges.